Intercultural Language Teaching & Communication (ILTAC) Cluster

Facilitators: Chantal Crozet, RMIT University and Adriana Diaz, University of Queensland


The ILTAC LCNAU cluster brings together researchers working towards a broader understanding and enactment of the intercultural dimension in language and culture education in tertiary environments. It concerns the sub-fields of Foreign Language Teaching (FLT), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Indigenous Language and Culture Education (ILCE), as well as Language & Intercultural Communication (LIC). ILTAC’s theoretical orientation is inspired, though not limited, by Critical Pedagogy. That is, it views language and culture education as an inherently non-neutral, political, ethical and social act. ILTAC seeks to support research into issues related to intercultural understanding, cultural and linguistic content, as well as a pedagogical orientation most suited to realising its overarching goal in practice. This goal is to promote critical engagement with the language and culture nexus in interaction at personal, local and global levels. Cultural content within an ILTAC perspective includes the historical, political and societal dimensions of culture. Linguistic content includes the teaching of language(s) with a focus on the complexities of meaning-making processes, interpretation and reflexivity. Pedagogical strategies include approaches to learning, teaching and assessing language, culture and intercultural communication. The ILTAC LCNAU cluster aims to support and be actively engaged in regular conference symposia & presentations, collaborative research projects and publications.

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Inaugural ILTAC Mini-Conference, September 22 2018

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