Intercultural Language Teaching AND Communication (ILTAC) Cluster



The ILTAC cluster of LCNAU brings together researchers working towards a broader and deeper understanding and enactment of language education in tertiary environments and beyond. It seeks to seed and foster collaborations around contemporary issues and bring interdisciplinary scholarships to the fore.

Grounded in critical pedagogy and practice, ILTAC views language and culture as dynamic and co-constitutive that is, as fluid and contingent to the space in which it is produced, and as an inherently non-neutral, political, ethical and social act.

ILTAC concerns theoretical understandings of the intercultural dimension in language and culture education in which self-reflexivity and intersubjectivity of language educators, learners and program developers are key in response to challenges and opportunities situated in the globalised world.

Recognising our responsibility for the histories we create and the choice we make as language educators and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region, ILTAC also aims to promote critical engagement with the language and culture nexus in interaction at personal, local, societal and global levels in both real and digital social practices.

It seeks to question, consult and reflect on the kind of language/s, the kind of culture/s and the kind of practice/s that are promoted in educational settings and curricula, for what purpose and to what effect.

The ILTAC cluster aims to support and be actively engaged in regular conference symposia and presentations, collaborative research projects and publications. For further information please subscribe to the mailing list (below) to stay up to date with latest information.

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ILTAC Events


Decolonising/decentring languages education and interculturality in a digital age, presented by Dr Will Flavell, Education Manager Maori, Te Hononga Akoranga COMET Auckland, New Zealand, 2022 LCNAU colloquium, The University of Melbourne, Australia.


Teaching, learning and assessment of language/s learning within an intercultural orientation (an interactive online seminar), presented by Michelle Kohler and Angela Scarino, at the University of Melbourne, 19 September 2020


Click on the image below to access a detailed report on the 2018 Inaugural mini-conference