Translation and Interpreting Cultures and Languages (TICL) Cluster

Translation is now increasingly accepted as a useful means for developing language skills and intercultural awareness. This renewal of interest in translation in language teaching (TILT) has coincided with the consolidation of translation studies as a field of scholarly enquiry, providing a sound theoretical basis and generating valuable empirical studies. In light of these developments, this cluster (TICL) aims to provide a forum for the exchange of views about translation – and interpreting – and their use both in the foreign language classroom and in the training of language and culture professionals. Potential areas for discussion include: the place of translating and interpreting (TI) in the curriculum; assessing TI; machine translation (friend or foe?); TI and the intercultural; the sociology of TI; postcolonial TI; gender and feminist TI; multilingual TI; re-translation; Computer-Aided Translation (CAT).