The following guidelines are to be followed when preparing posters for the Interactive Poster Session, which is to take place from 5.30-6.30pm on Tuesday 27th September:

  1. The poster is to be A1 size (59.4 x 84.1cm).
  2. The font size needs to be legible from 2-3 metres (suggested sizes: 96pt for title; 36-48pt for headings; 18-24pt for text).
  3. The font used for the text should be easy to read (san serif fonts work best).
  4. The text should be spell-checked.
  5. There should be a good balance between text and graphics.
  6. Text can be presented with dot points, lists and tables to improve clarity.
  7. The main message of the poster should be clear and understandable without verbal explanations.
  8. The poster should include a simple explanation of the purpose/rationale of the project, along with research findings and conclusions/implications, and a list of references (where applicable).
  9. Name, institution and contact details should be included on the poster.
  10. Please bring additional A4-size copies of your poster and/or other explanatory material for distribution to interested Colloquium participants (approx 20 copies).

Presenters should note the following procedure for the Interactive Poster Session:

  1. Presenters are asked to take their posters to the Arts Hall (within the Old Arts Building) during the 4.00-4.30pm afternoon tea break on Tuesday 27 September, so that the posters can be put on display.
  2. During the interactive poster session, presenters are asked to stand beside their posters and engage with anyone who wishes to ask questions, or to make a brief presentation if desired. It may also be useful to have a handout ready, such as an A4 copy of the poster or other explanatory material.
  3. At the end of the poster session, presenters will need to remove their posters.
  4. We also ask that you make available your poster in PDF format for posting on the LCNAU website; please send PDF files to