Professor Glenn Withers, AO, FASSA, CEO Universities Australia, delivered the 2011 Triebel Lecture of the Australian Academy of the Humanities at LCNAU’s national Colloquium.

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When: Monday 26th September, 6.30pm-7.30pm
Where: Public Lecture Theatre, Old Arts Building, The University of Melbourne

Creating a Languages Future: How Australia can be world best practice in languages education

At first superficial glance Australia may seem unpropitious soil for leading global languages education: an English speaking country in the antipodes. But reflect just a little and the idea is far from fantasy. Australia can surprise the world and often does. And the world’s most multi-cultural and immigrant nation at the forefront of international education is actually in an excellent position to be best practice in languages education. A country of European heritage on the edge of a dynamic Asia with a world-ranking higher education system, can do it. Further key steps are needed. There is a policy hiatus to be overcome. But vision and some key component policy initiatives could deliver on this prospect. The goal, its rationale and the settings needed are the subject of this lecture which will seek to look at the place of European, Asian and Indigenous languages and culture, the role of higher education policies including research, the government framework policies needed in immigration and foreign policy, and the question of how Australian business and community can partner the project.