Wednesday 3 July 2013

Session 1: Interactive poster session
Matthew Absalom and Andrew McGregor: Perfect language: Online vocabulary learning in beginners languages subjects
Zongmin Chen and Paul Black: Non-award language courses: Designing a program for Mandarin Chinese word
Yuki Itani-Adams: Reflecting on your own language: An ANU case of Advanced Japanese pdf
Wendy Jiang and Haiyan Liang: The use of sound files in CFL classroom: From sentence to story-telling
Ritsuko Saito: The use of Skype in language programs at universities
Judith Sainsbury Thomas and Nina Maadad: The challenges, impacts and rewards of informal learning of the Arabic language in South Australia
Grazia Scotellaro: Language in my pocket – mobile technology and language teaching
Yi Wang: Transition of Chinese community language school students from secondary to tertiary study
Yasuhisa Watanabe: Constructing knowledge of Japanese scripts through enquiry-based learning: My answer to language curriculum review at the University of Melbourne
Cecily Wright: Modern Greek goes online
Dacheng Zhao and Mingyang Xin: Improving Mandarin teaching and learning through classroom activities

Session 2a: Value of languages in tertiary education
Josh Brown and Marinella Caruso
: New patterns of language enrolments at the University of Western Australia
Yuko Kinoshita and Yanyin Zhang: Why are we here? Reconceptualising the role of foreign languages in tertiary education
Marko Pavlyshyn and Kerry Dunne: Slavic language-and-culture disciplines in Australia’s universities: Less and less commonly taught languages

Session 2b: Innovative classroom practices 1
Elena Sheldon, Patricia Maggiora and Sue Hood: Genre and advancedness in language teaching at tertiary level: Towards bridging the language-culture divide
Laetitia Vedrenne and Lidia Bilbatua: Resource development and teacher training: A model of Interactive WhiteBoard integration in language labs
Ben McCann and John West-Sooby: I love how the content stimulates and encourages me to want to continue to learn French, or, How teaching literary adaptations makes for better students

Session 2c: Round Table, Language and Culture online: Beyond the tyranny of distance

Session 3: LCNAU Address

LCNAU-funded projects
Scott Grant: ARABIA: Language learning through cultural experiences in a virtual world
Scott Grant: Language learning in virtual worlds: the role of foreign languages anxiety and technical anxiety
Lesley Harbon: Student pathways in languages education from school to university: attrition and retention

Session 4a: Translation
Isabel Tasker: A bicycle made for two? “Tandem translation” as a response to changing student cohorts in advanced tertiary Chinese classes
Raphael Trantoul and Julien Leyre: The Marco Polo Project: A digital community of language learners translating new writing from China
Karen Daly: Making the invisible visible: Raising student awareness of literary translation

Session 4b: Innovative classroom practices 2
Kerry Mullan and Matthew Absalom: Making films in French and Italian: A collaborative approach to language learning
Marinella Caruso and Josh Brown: Innovative translation: Dubbing films in Italian with iMovie
Eleonora Quijada Cervoni and Daniel Martin: Scenarios revisted: Engaging students to speak

Session 4c: Discussion – Challenges of university teaching today