Thursday 4 July 2013

Session 5a: Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) 1
Mike Levy: Discipline-specific features of Technology-Enhanced Language Learning in the age of MOOCs and the Asian Century
Anne McLaren and Matt Bettinson: Incorporating mobile e-technologies in Chinese literacy programs powerpoint
Peter Friedlander: HUFL and TELL: Hindi-Urdu as a foreign language and TELL

Session 5b: Intercultural interactions
Susan Oguru and Angela Giovanangeli: Facilitating and assessing students’ intercultural development through study abroad
Chavalin Svetanant: Owing and repaying a debt of gratitude in Japanese discourse
Tim Hassall: Verbal conflict and L2 identities

Session 5c: Curriculum
Meredith Seaman and Kerry Mullan: The Diploma of Languages meets AQF compliance pdf
Florence Boulard: An introduction to international-mindedness and how it could be used to promote second language learning in schools
Lucia Alicia Martinez Marco: Evaluating program evaluations: The character of language program evaluations in Australian university language departmental reviews

Session 5d: (Workshop) Universities and the teaching and rebuilding of Australian languages. The next steps

Session 6a: Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) 2
Kerry Dunne: Expanding the reach of language programs with NBN: Goals and obstacles
Daniel Martin and Malba Barahona: (Interactive Blogging) + Podcasting = Current Affairs (in Spanish) prezi file
Richard Curtis: Near in-country experience through web conferencing and other social media powerpoint

Session 6b: Intercultural learning 1
Julie Robert: Outbound: Integrating practical knowledge for study abroad into French language curriculum
Martina Mollering and Blanch Menadier: Taking language beyond the classroom: Language and intercultural skills in study-abroad and internship settings
Beate Mueller: Language and (inter-)cultural learning during a study-abroad semester – the student perspective

Session 6c: Language policy
Catherine Bryant: From the margins to the mainstream? The Victorian School of Languages and Victoria’s community language groups
Dilhara Premaratne: Script reform in Japan: Modernisation, nationalism and compromise
Santiago Gonzalez y Fernandez-Corugedo: Foreign and second language learning policies in Australia and New Zealand

Session 6d: (Workshop) Universities and the teaching and rebuilding of Australian languages. The next steps

Session 7: Plenary
Gilly Salmon: Over the horizon for language learning: exploring the future of language learning using three contemporary lenses

Session 8a: Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) 3
Mark Gibeau and Jun Imaki: Blended learning potential for large enrolment foreign language classes: An intermediate Japanese case study
Raphael Trantoul: “Foundations of grammar” and “learning how to learn a language and culture”
Gi-Hyun Shin, Yong-Ju Rue, Ghi-Woon Seo, Joo Yun Yang and Clara Kim: Utilising inputs outside the class

Session 8b: Intercultural learning 2
Carmen de Miguel: Intercultural understanding as part of the new Language ab initio course in the IB Diploma
Alexandra Ludewig and Iris Ludewig-Rohwer: Web-based role-plays as high-quality learning environments for language students? Theory versus practice pdf
Ashok Collins and Benedicte Andre: The pedagogy of humour: Teaching culture through popular comedy in a post-high school French class powerpoint

Session 8c: Second language acquisition
Carolina Holtheuer, Elisabeth Mayer and Susana Eisenchlas: The acquisition of Spanish copulae by first and second language learners. An experimental approach
Elisabeth Mayer: The relationship between grammar and linguistic competence in mixed learning
Elisabeth Holtheuer and Karen Miller: Exploring the Benefits of Generic Language on Text Comprehension

Session 8d: The teacher’s perspective
Shannon Mason: I Quit! An exploratory study into Languages teacher attrition in Queensland powerpoint
Zhixing Hu: Development of classroom instructional language of teachers with ESL Background: A case study based on classroom discourse analysis of beginning Mandarin teachers in Sydney schools
Russell Cross: Innovations in language teacher education and languages K-12 pedagogy: Introducing CLIL into the Australian language teaching profession

Public Lecture
Kent Anderson: Languages, the Asian Century White Paper and three provocations for the committed from a pragmatic humanist three myths obstructing our success