Friday 5 July 2013

Plenary: Claire Kramsch: Teaching foreign languages in an age of globalisation

Session 10a: Teaching and learning
Tina Stubenrauch and Benjamin Nickl: Teaching texts, teaching culture: Developing multi-competence literacy in the foreign language classroom
Sumati Chakravarti-Cook: Towards a theory of instruction for teaching English proficiency to Non-English speaking students in university
Louise Jansen: Does practice make perfect? It all depends

Session 10b: Retention and pathways
Emmaline Lear, Nicolette Bramley and Laura Tolton: Wrangling retention issues: Language learning strategies and development of cultural awareness as tools in tertiary foreign language teaching pdf
Chihiro Thomson: Creating learning pathways through a Japanese Community of Practice
Carol Hayes: Enhancing secondary to tertiary pathways: ANU’s Engage Asia 2-Day Immersion Workshop model

Session 10c: Workshop “Yes, we must!”: Teaching and learning pronunciation in the L2/FL classroom
Alicia Mellado: “Need to talk? Go for pronunciation!”: Keys for an effective communication in Spanish”
Chiharu Tsurutani and Shunichi Ishihara: How good is good enough? An investigation of the level of intelligibility -using English learners of Japanese pdf
Emmaline Lear: Reflective pronunciation pdf

Session 10d: Workshop

Session 11a: Media in the Classroom
Graham Squires: Television dramas as a way of teaching Japanese language & culture
William Armour: Pros and cons of using authentic materials: Ethical considerations in the classroom
Laetitia Vedrenne: Monstrous semantics: Fear-mongering tactics in the wake of French 2012 presidential elections

Session 11b: Motivation
Gabriele Schmidt: “I just love studying German – I’m a freak”: A qualitative study into the motivation of Australian university students to learn German
Xiaoping Gao: Fostering multilingualism: Motivations and issues in promoting Chinese language in Australia
Mandy Scott and Li Hong Rambeau: The road to Mandarin: who is on it at ANU and what they say about the journey powerpoint

Session 11c: Workshop “Yes, we must!”: Teaching and learning pronunciation in the L2/FL classroom
Helen Fraser: Cognitive phonetics as a tool for teaching second language pronunciation
William Steed and Manuel Delicado Cantero: Quantifying the difference: (Non-) Native Spanish pronunciation in a set text

Session 11d: Workshop – The role of language in National Curriculum development

Plenary – Allen Clark – A global companion: The age of e-learning