ILTAC seminar video and padlet

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Dear ILTAC seminar participants,

Thanks again for participating in the seminar facilitated by Angela Scarino and Michelle Kohler onĀ Teaching, learning and assessment of language/s learning with an intercultural orientation on Saturday 19 September.

The event was a huge success. Angela and Michelle’s very thought-provoking presentation encouraged us to look at language and culture in profoundly different ways and generated that wonderful spark of interest and engagement in all of us. We are keen to continue the conversation and have to this end updated padlet so that your comments and questions can be easily shared with the group including Angela and Michelle. We encourage you to interact or build on each other’s comments, first because we have much to share in terms of experience and expertise but also to identify recurrent themes or questions in view of hosting a follow up Q and A with Michelle and Angela in the weeks to come.

We are very much looking forward to continuing the conversation.

All the best,

Etsuko and Diane

The video of the session is now available

The link to the padlet is available at