Memberships are now open for the 2019-2020 Financial Year!
Note that membership runs for the financial year (1 July to 30 June).

Full membership applies to colleagues in salaried employment (fixed-term or continuing/full-time or fractional); concessional membership applies to those who are students, pensioners, retirees, casual or sessional tutors (hourly paid). If in doubt as to your status, please contact us.

Subscription rates:

New member (Full): $95 ($75 annual membership, $20 joining fee)
Renewing member (Full): $75 ($75 annual membership, no joining fee)
New member (Concession): $50 ($40 annual membership, $10 joining fee)
Renewing member (Concession): $40 ($40 annual membership, no joining fee)

Individual Membership Instructions
1. If you are a NEW member, please download the LCNAU application form.
2. Complete your payment. Payment options include direct deposit or PayPal/ Credit Card. To pay by PayPal/Credit Card, click on the button below.
3. Send your completed application form (only necessary if you are a NEW member or if you are a renewing member whose professional or contact details have changed) and proof of payment to LCNAU. You will receive a receipt and a copy of the Rules of the Association (which may also be downloaded here.)

Pay now by PayPal/Credit Card!

Please ensure you select the CORRECT membership category.

Please only choose “renewing member” if you have been a financial member during the previous financial year; please only choose “concession” if you are eligible (contact us if you are not sure).

Please note that ALL NEW MEMBERS must complete and return a membership application form. Renewing members need to complete a new form 1) if their situation has changed and their subscription rate is affected (e.g., upon retirement, or on obtaining a salaried appointment, etc.) or 2) if their contact details have changed.

If you wish to have more information about the work of LCNAU on behalf of members, please consult the following document, which is our original Call For Members.

2019-2020 Financial Year Individual Membership Type

What do I do if I’ve paid for a renewal, but I’m actually a new member? How can I pay the joining fee?

If you have selected the incorrect membership category (“renewing” instead of “new”) and still need to pay the joining fee, please use the button below:

2019-2020 FY New Member Joining Fee (only where not paid above)

Thank you for supporting LCNAU. Your membership will provide you with these benefits and more:

  • Eligibility to vote in LCNAU elections and to stand for committee membership, ie. to play a direct role in the development of policy and practice;
  • Eligibility to present at biennial national languages colloquia, subject to acceptance;
  • Eligibility to submit papers for consideration in the colloquia proceedings, where these planned;
  • Member-only discount on registration for biennial national languages colloquia;
  • Member-only discounts on purchases of LCNAU publications;
  • Regular updates on LCNAU’s activities and news from across the sector;
  • Opportunities to share news of your own publications and research through our monthly updates.

Want to know about sponsorship?
Contact us for details of sponsorship for associations, universities and schools.