Current projects

University Languages Portal Australia (ULPA)

LCNAU was part of a team awarded national funding for a new OLT project ‘A national language studies portal for Australian universities’. It makes visible in a single online location all languages taught at all Australian universities, ranging from Indigenous Australian languages to global languages, from semester-long courses to full degree programs, and via a number of delivery methods. This project continues to be supported by LCNAU.

LCNAU is pleased to be supporting and maintaining ULPA (the University Languages Portal Australia). With the support of the LCNAU Heads’ Cluster, the website has been updated to contain current information, and will be reviewed each year.  Its coverage of higher level courses commenced in 2020. We encourage all of our members to ensure that their institutions have links to the site in order to ensure that students and colleagues are aware of language availability across the sector.

To spread the word amongst your colleagues about this exciting development for the languages sector, encourage them to view this short animated video!

Current Sponsors

Schools of Languages throughout the tertiary sector have provided much needed support for LCNAU, and in particular have undertaken to sponsor the renewal and maintenance of the University Languages Portal Australia (ULPA), in a three-year funding program that commenced in 2019.

Completed projects

Flourishing in a Second Language

Flourishing in a Second Language
LCNAU members Dr Antonella Strambi and Dr Ann Luzeckyj (Flinders University) and Assoc Prof Antonia Rubino (University of Sydney) obtained OLT funding for: Flourishing in a Second Language (FL2) – a language curriculum for first-year university students which integrates positive psychology, transition pedagogy and Content-and-Language-Integrated Learning (CLIL) principles.

Professor Kerry Dunne (University of Wollongong; Vice President, LCNAU) conducted a survey of Honours programs in languages across the tertiary sector. This survey complements the ULPA (University Languages Portal Australia) project and provided some answers about the extent to which languages are maintaining their presence as research disciplines.

Survey of Honours programs in Languages

Projects by LCNAU members

The Marco Polo Project

The Marco Polo Project is a free online tool to improve China and Chinese language literacy. The website is a collaborative online translation platform, bringing Chinese writing to Western audiences by crowd-sourcing translations. It also provides a place for emerging or amateur translators to practice their skills as part of a community.

Research was conducted by Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet (Monash University) on the integration of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) into curriculum and assessment in Australian language programs.

“Are you for or against the adaptation of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to the Australian context?”