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LCNAU has established a partnership with ANU Press to create a publication arm  that will enable LCNAU to publish, in open access, its own peer-reviewed colloquium publications, as well as monographs and edited volumes by our members. Watch this space …

A New Publication from LCNAU

Jean Fornasiero, Sarah M.A. Reed, Rob Amery, Eric Bouvet, Kayoko Enomoto and Hui Ling Xu, eds. 2020. Intersections in Language Planning and Policy: Establishing Connections in Languages and Cultures. Switzerland, Springer Nature.  

This volume encompasses the range of issues encountered by language scholars who teach and research in departments of languages and cultures within the higher education system, predominantly in Australia, but touching other universities worldwide. Related studies on language planning, methodology or pedagogy have focused on one or more of these same issues, but rarely on their totality.  The international and local studies featured here focus on language planning, new pedagogies and language reclamation and link to meeting points and commonalities. They show that language scholars are increasingly finding themselves on common ground as they tackle issues of policy and practice affecting their field, whether within their institutions, within the tertiary system, or within the framework of government policy.

This volume is based upon a selection of peer-reviewed papers from the LCNAU colloquium of 2017, along with additional commissioned contributions. It can be purchased in hard copy or as an e-publication, and is also available through most University libraries. For more information, click on this link.

Previous Publications from LCNAU

Two sets of conference proceedings were published in 2012 and 2014 respectively, following LCNAU’s first two National Languages Colloquia held at the Univerity of Melbourne (2011) and the Australian National University (2013) respectively. Details of the two resulting volumes are as follows:

  • Hajek, J., Nettelbeck, C., & Woods, A., eds. 2012. The Next Step: Introducing the Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities. Melbourne: LCNAU.
  • Travis, C., Hajek, J., Nettelbeck, C., Beckmann, E., & Lloyd-Smith, A., eds. 2014. Practices and Policies: Current Research in Languages and Cultures Education. Melbourne: LCNAU.

Inclusion in the proceedings was the result of a selective and fully-refereed process. Both volumes are available for purchase. Only a small number of hard copies are left in stock – you can order yours by clicking on either of the links below. Alternatively, individual chapters are available through these links for free download.

2013 Proceedings

2011 Proceedings


Reports and papers

An important goal of LCNAU is to facilitate the dissemination of information, ideas and best practice. Published items of significance to the history and work of LCNAU will be housed here, along with materials designed to stimulate discussion and contribute to the sector’s evolution.

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