Work Integrated Learning and Languages Studies (WILLS)


The WILLS group would like to extend its reach to colleagues in Australia who have experience in placing students in language/culture-rich contexts or who are interested in starting their own language placement programs. Please contact Eric Bouvet or one of the project facilitators for more information.


Project facilitators:

Carmela Briguglio (Curtin)

Fernando Porta (Curtin)

Eric Bouvet (Flinders)

Lara Anderson (Melbourne)


Cluster members:

Kay Are (Melbourne)

Heather Benbow (Melbourne)

Yasuhisa Wanatabe (Melbourne)

Daniela Cosmini (Flinders)

Javier Diaz (Flinders)

Maria Palaktsoglou (Flinders)

Lyn Vanzo (Flinders)

Rosslyn von der Borch (Flinders)