Tuesday 27 September

Session 3a: Languages education in schools and universities
Simone Smala: CLIL programs as a promising languages education model in schools PowerPoint
Guosheng Chen et al: In search of cross-sectoral language teaching: RMIT VETiS programs PowerPoint
Peter Morgan: Languages, ‘studies’ and disciplines PowerPoint

Session 3b: Student pathways: retention and attrition

Gabriele Schmidt: The profile and motivation of German Studies students in Australian universities PowerPoint
Daniel Martin & Louise Jansen: Student motivation and retention in language and culture programs at the ANU: core findings PowerPoint
Elliott Forsyth: Why languages? Motivation and objectives in Australian education

Session 3c: The language-culture nexus
Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover: Freud and Vygotsky on the social/historical ground of memory: the case for cultural texts in language learning PowerPoint
Rowena Ward: Sexual identities: a contradiction in language learning and teaching PowerPoint
Colette Mrowa-Hopkins: Side looks, pursed hands and head shakes: learning to interpret conflict signals in Italian and French PowerPoint

Session 3d: Mixed session
Richard Curtis: Enriching outcomes by relaxing conventions and bridging divides in the teaching-research nexus PowerPoint
Barbara Hartley: New technologies and language learning: enhancing student proficiency PowerPoint
Yanyan Wang: Making ‘invisible’ ‘visible’: introducing conversation analysis in teaching language and culture in the ANU Chinese language program PowerPoint

Session 4: About the Nexus: University languages and cultures, the National Curriculum and languages education
Alfredo Martínez-Expósito: The Languages Curriculum Reform at the University of Melbourne
Anne Freadman: Rethinking the language and culture nexus: the place of Memory Studies PowerPoint
Angela Scarino: The Australian Curriculum-university languages education nexus: the why and how PowerPoint
Anne-Marie Morgan et al: Towards greater collaboration: what can school and tertiary language teachers offer each other? PowerPoint

Session 5a – Panel
Lesley Harbon et al: Longtime passing: where does the time for preparing language teachers go? PowerPoint

Session 5b – Panel
Scott Grant et al: Recent developments in TELL: the Monash experience PowerPoint Second Life demonstration

Session 6a – Workshop: Language programs and teacher training
Session 6b – Workshop: Models of teaching and learning
Session 6c – Workshop: Student pathways: attrition and retention
Session 6d – Workshop: Technology Enhanced Language Learning
Session 6e – Workshop: The language and culture nexus
Session 6f – Workshop: The National Curriculum and universities
Session 6g – Workshop: The teaching and research nexus

Session 7: Interactive poster session
Matthew Absalom and Diane de Saint Léger: Student perceptions of reflective tasks in tertiary language study Poster
Ali Alamir: The perceptions of English foreign language (EFL) learners towards the interactions of their peers and instructors when they use the Blackboard environment in their EFL blended courses Poster
Guosheng Chen et al: Language mentoring programs at RMIT University Poster
Lilian Fleuri: Portuguese language diffusion in the world and in Australia Poster
John Hajek and Doris Schupbach: The network at work: the web presence of Italian as a case study for language program visibility in Australian universities Poster
Aishah Khojah: The use of figurative language in ESL textbooks Poster
Duck-Young Lee: English as a lingua franca in a multicultural Japanese classroom Poster
Mike Levy and Caroline Steel: Recent developments in TELL with a focus on listening
Julien Leyre and Raphaël Trantoul: The Marco Polo translation project Poster
Grazia Micciche’: Diversifying Italian language teaching Poster Flyer
Maria Isabel Pena: Machine Translation: students’ perceptions Poster
Celia Thompson: A dialogic approach to the design of a transcultural communication classroom activity for advanced level language learners Poster
Rey Tiquia: Translating Chinese and English languages as assemblages Poster