The Next Step: Introducing the Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities

September 26-28, 2011
Old Arts Building, The University of Melbourne

The national Colloquium formed a landmark opportunity for language educators from across the country to meet and discuss topics of critical importance and mutual interest, and to participate in LCNAU’s creation of a new national agenda for university language teaching.

The following themes were featured in the Colloquium sessions:
1. University languages, the national curriculum and languages education in schools;
2. Student pathways: retention and attrition;
3. The language-culture nexus: Meeting the twin goals of linguistic proficiency and cultural competency;
4. The teaching-research nexus: innovative approaches at the individual and programmatic level to maintaining and fostering research in the languages area;
5. Recent developments in Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL): practice and/or research in the uses of technology;
6. Collaborative models of teaching and learning;
7. Development and casualisation of language professionals.

PDF files are now available for most of the Papers, Panels, Plenaries and Posters:
View Day 1 Presentations – Monday 26 September
View Day 2 Presentations – Tuesday 27 September
View Day 3 Presentations – Wednesday 28 September
The full Colloquium program can be downloaded here.