Policies, Practices and Research in University Language and Culture Programs

3-5 July, 2013
Australian National University

LCNAU’s second Biennial Colloquium, held at the ANU, 3-5 July, 2013, proved to be a wonderful gathering of language and culture educators and academics from across the country, and was characterised by a strong sense of collegiality, mutual support and enthusiasm. We are very grateful to all those who offered their time and support to help make it such a success: ANU and its Colleges for their generous financial support; staff in languages at ANU, for their help in ensuring the smooth running of the Colloquium; the School of Language Studies Admin team for their tireless work behind the scenes; Susan Ford, for her exceptional coordination of the many aspects of the Colloquium; and the student volunteers for all their wonderful help. We are particularly grateful to Prof Catherine Travis, Convenor, and Dr Peter Hendriks, Co-convenor, for their outstanding and untiring provision of leadership, support and expertise in overseeing the planning and running of the 2013 Colloquium.

Colloquium presentations
View Day 1 Presentations – Wednesday 3 July 2013
View Day 2 Presentations – Thursday 4 July 2013
View Day 3 Presentations – Friday 5 July 2013

Colloquium podcasts
We are grateful to Grazia Scotellaro, Digital Learning Advisor, ANU, for organising podcasts from participants at the Colloquium.